Current Projects:

Providing the resources to engage life fully no matter the ability

All-Terrain Wheelchairs

Designed to go virtually anywhere!

Typical wheelchairs are meant for indoors or use on pavement or flat surfaces

We have partnered with Action Trackchair to provide to individuals who’ve become paralyzed due to spinal cord injury, disease or from birth.  

Goes places a normal indoor wheelchair wouldn’t dream of attempting. Tracks on the chair allow it to go through mud, snow, water, hills no problem.

Allows people who can no longer enjoy the outdoors, hunt, fish, the opportunity to get out and grab life by the horns – endless opportunities!

50 Ramps in 50 States

It was Polly’s dream for Brad to be able to complete donating 50 ramps to recipients in 50 states (maybe even Puerto Rico).

Portable Wheelchair Ramps make it possible for people in a wheelchair can get out of their home, get outside, and visit friends and family.

One Roll-A-Ramp portable roll up wheelchair ramp system will be donated to someone who has a wheelchair and needs to get in, out and around. Everywhere…..

Please nominate someone you know who could benefit from this.  We’ll be happy to provide one. 1,000 lbs. capacity – aircraft aluminum.

Rolls up like a sleeping bag.

Service Dogs

Service Dogs are used for a very wide array of types of disabilities

The organization will provide a service dog to an individual who qualifies for a need.

The Gear Nomination Program is one way to provide us with someone to consider for a service dog.