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Bradley Gabrielson

Bradley Gabrielson

Founder & President

Brad was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP), a birth defect occurring in the birth canal, a condition that affects how the brain and nerves communicate with muscles, oftentimes resulting in the use of a wheelchair.

Brad has a fancy power Jazzy wheelchair, and is very driven; he has been a fierce advocate on the topic of disability, and has done much public speaking educating on what it’s like to live with disability, as well as teaching people of all ages; he especially likes to speak to children, about how to accept and interact with the disabled, “we are no different than anybody else, we may look, talk or move differently than others, but we are the same people as you, and want to be treated that way”.

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The notorious Brad Gabrielson, rabble-rouser and GiveAbility founder gets tapped to make sure the local watering hole can accommodate the differently-abled and can “hang out.” No Big Deal!

There was a local business in town, that wished to do some remodeling and upgrade the building to make it into a bar.  Part of the remodel was to update and configure the restrooms to be accessible and more handicap-. down to offer some advice on how best to accomplish this.   Brad’s advice began with a yardstick.  Yes, a yardstick.  You see, Brad’s advice went something like this, “I should be able to turn around in a complete circle, without touching any barriers”.  Well, Brad did just that. 

Brad explained that it was better to have a little extra room than to not have enough room.  This included the correct size stalls, ones that would accommodate a large powered wheelchair and occupant.  ADA specifies that to be considered accessible, the size parameters must fall into a minimum square footage of about 10′ x 10′ square.  This allows for a mobility device to be able to navigate once inside the restroom, and able to access the stalls easily.  Brad assisted them with things like the need for grab bars at certain areas, as well as to assure things like the soap dispenser and hand towels were able to reached by someone not able to stand.