Impacting lives with the gift of accessibility.

Increasing capability and access for the differently-abled.

Committed to Making it Happen

Increasing Accessibility for Everyone

Refining Access

Refining access to communities in need of increased accessibility.

Supplying the Gear

Supplying the gear Medicare and health insurers do not cover.

Curating Resources

Curating the resources they need to get there.

Inclusion goes beyond words

Your help is needed.

Advocating for working together to educate, and to be certain that the 1 of 4 people living with a disability (CDC) and their friends and family can more easily get out of the house and book that reservation, dine at that café, grab a beer with friends at bar & grill, use public facilities with dignity, patronize businesses, and participate in all the things that enrich everyone’s lives.


Beyond Crowd Funding, Your Dollars Reach More, Go Further, For Longer

Your Contributions- Maximized

Nominate Someone in Need

Look over what things the organization provides, and if you or someone you know could benefit submit an application.  GiveAbility donates the types of equipment and services below individuals need to open up their world and live a more “normal” life. These types of equipment and service animals are not covered by Medicare or other insurance.

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BuffaloJAM! ND music festival

August 25-26, 2023 | Jamestown, ND

BuffaloJAM! ND

A two-day music festival for GiveAbility